That's My Line!: 2016

Friday, November 11, 2016

Debut Show in January!

An improv show series that's a spin off "Who's line is this anyway?" and that is set to blast #ckont with explosive laughter!

A Vegas style show where you can enjoy your dinner and laugh with family and friends. The meal is not included in the ticket price. You get to choose your dish and enjoy the hospitality of our host.

A fun and engaging evening with a show that brings on stage the funniest and most talented performers on Chatham-Kent and area.

Glitters Fun Eatery in Downtown Chatham [upstairs]
163 King St W, Chatham, ON N7M 1E4, Canada

Florin Marksteiner

Participating Actors: 

Alejandro Pacheco
Joseph Benoit
Robert Bellamy
Florin Marksteiner

Evening Program:
Evening Program:
6:30PM - Arrival and dinner
- Meal and drinks orders will be taken by the venue hostess
- Time to hit the bar!
7:00PM - "That's My Line!" - First Part
7:45PM - Intermission - Time to hit the rest rooms and the bar again!
8:00PM - "That's My Line!" - Second Part
8:45PM - Meet and Greet and Photo Ops
9:00PM - See you next time!

The shows will be broadcasted on CogecoTV and RadioCK.

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