That's My Line!: January 2017

Friday, January 20, 2017

Great success with our Debut Show

We had a blast at Glitters' Fun Eatery in downtown Chatham with our improv comedy series That's My Line! Tonight it was the debut show and the crowd was amazing!

A big thank you to our actors line up Joseph Benoit, Alejandro Pacheco, Robert Bellamy and Florin Marksteiner for their talent and team spirit, to Wesley McDonald, our TV Producer that will put together the episodes that you'll be able to watch on CogecoTV Chatham and listen on Radio CK!
We wish to thank to each one of you that spent the evening with us with great food and fun! 


We hope you had a blast as we promised and you'll join us again on February 22nd...
you... and your friends!
Early birds get some FREE tickets!
If you have pictures and videos from the show,
share them with us!