That's My Line!: February 2017

Thursday, February 23, 2017

That's My Line! is rocking the house

The second show rolled out on February 22nd and it rocked the house! Everyone was excited, everyone loved to get involved and the venue literally shook of laughter.

That's My Line team pumped up the game and let the creative juices flow througout the night. Game after game, the audience got louder and louder.

There's been some cricket moments too, but hey, that's comedy life!

It was really hard for the actors to keep a straigh face sometimes. The cast impressed each other so much that they had to stop, recompose and get back in the game. The beauty of the behind the scenes sneak peeks.

We are really pleased that our live audience enjoyed itself and that our guests had a delicious dinner provided with great service by our host, Glitter's in downtown Chatham with a generous cash bar.

After several drinks... we even looked a lot funnier... so by the end of the night we were the best comedians in town!

We really hope that we're making someone's day with our comedy and if we did, we accomplished our goal.

Our next show is on March 22nd and tickets are on sale right now.

If you weren't able to make it to this show, our series will be broadcasted on Cogeco TV and Radio CK.
If you want to watch some of the games, subscribe to our YouTUBE channel.